Britton Lorenzen


We’ve had several old and very large oak trees die and have used other tree services to remove them. We were pleased with those tree services and called them to have a larger oak that had a deck built around it and sat approximately 6 feet away from our house. However they weren’t able to give us a quote for the new job that we were as pleased with as Alpine Tree Care’s quote. Alpine Tree Care gave us a quote last year and advised us that we’d need a crane for the removal. We were intimidated by the use of a crane and for a year received several other quotes to include quotes from the previous companies we’ve used. No other quote and plan sounded as positive as Alpine’s so finally after a year of wavering and wanting to get the tree removed before hurricane season, we called Alpine Tree Care back to request another quote. They still had our old quote on file and remembered the project. We knew at that point we were dealing with real professionals and we felt confident they were the best company to use. From day one they were punctual and Ben always kept in contact. On the day of the project, the crew and machinery showed up on time. Daniel was super easy to work with and he made everything run smoothly and kept the crew and us in constant communication. His knowledge as an arborist only added to the professionalism of this company. All the crew knew how to run the equipment (wood chipper, bobcat, large commercial trucks, etc.). They all wore communication headsets which showed a level of professionalism we haven’t seen from a tree removal service before. The crane operator wasn’t actually able to see what where he was moving the tree branches so the communication with the crew using the headsets was imperative. The cleanup was meticulous and the crew cleaned as they worked. They even replanted some plants they had to move to park the crane in our front yard! All the while they worked in our yard, they were also working in our neighbors yard who was very pleased with their work as well. At no time did any traffic get completely stopped in our neighborhood. Sometimes it got slowed down for a few minutes, but the crew moved them through quickly. At one point a gaggle of kids rode by on their bikes and we heard the crew speak in their mouth pieces that there were “some kids on their bikes” to alert the crane operator to stop lowering the limbs towards the road. The crane operator, the climber and the whole crew need a gold medals and they were all incredible! We cant describe how impressed we were with Alpine Tree Care. Five stars isn’t enough for our experience!!!!